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Working with Grace


Let's go to the roots!

Grace offers a safe and comfortable space to make you feel at ease and at peace, a place where you can be your true self and begin your healing journey. 

She will work with you to identify the blocks that are holding you back in your life, both emotionally and spiritually and will work with you to clear them in a gentle and non intrusive way through motivational guidance, healing and intuitive counselling techniques, enabling you to move forward, identifying the next steps to a fulfilling, happy life. 

  • What serves your higher self?

  • What do you need to let go of? 

  • By tuning into the inner child and giving yourself permission to let go, you can start your journey.


Grace will help to motivate you to explore your potential for growth both in every day life and spiritually by helping you find direction, focus and clarity in where you want to go in life. Raising your vibration to its highest ability so that you can connect to the highest aspect of yourself and live the life that you truly deserve. 


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